ICI's Brian Reid: Developments in the Mutual Fund Industry

To further promote public understanding of mutual funds and other investment companies, ICI is producing a three-part series analyzing mutual fund flow data to examine developments in the mutual fund industry.

Series One: Fund Flows

In the first series, ICI's Chief Economist Brian Reid provides insight about how the industry and mutual fund investing has changed during the last decade, how the recent economic downturn has impacted investing, and a big-picture perspective on overall fund flows during the last year.

The Past 10 Years: Evolution of Mutual Fund Landscape and What It Means for Investors



2007-2008 Stock Market and Economic Downturn and the Impact on Mutual Fund Investing



Perspective on Fund Flows for the Past 12 Months



Series Two: Index Funds and the ETF Evolution

In part two of this mutual fund flow data analysis, ICI Chief Economist Brian Reid discusses the growth of index investing, why investors use them, and recent trends in index fund investing.



Series Three: Recent Developments in Municipal Bond Investing

In part three of his analysis of mutual fund flow data, ICI Chief Economist Brian Reid explains how municipal bond flows play into the investment landscape and recent trends in flows.

Muni Bond Outflows in Late 2010 to Early 2011



Reasons for Recent Outflows from Muni Bond Funds



Muni Bond Flows in More Recent Weeks



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