Foundations for Fund Directors®
April 11–12, 2018

The Key to Success Is a Solid Foundation

To quickly and successfully transition into their new role, there are many things that new fund directors need to learn. That’s why IDC created its ongoing Foundations for Fund Directors program This unique orientation program is designed for independent directors with up to three years’ experience.

Participate online and in person

Foundations for Fund Directors offers a combined approach of online and in-person training:

  • Participants start with an online training course to learn about their core responsibilities
  • They then participate in an in-person learning course

What will you learn?

Foundations for Fund Directors covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The fundamentals of mutual funds—how they work and how they’re regulated
  • Directors’ role as fiduciaries—how directors protect shareholder interests and provide an independent check on fund advisers
  • Directors’ responsibilities—including approving advisory contracts, evaluating fund performance, and overseeing valuation, liquidity, compliance, and risk management
  • And more!

The in-person session took place April 11–12 in Chicago. If you have any questions about the program—or would like to learn more about it—please contact IDC’s Conferences team at 202-326-5968 or conferences@ici.org.