2010 Investment Company Directors Conference
October 25–27, 2010
Chicago, IL

The premier event for fund directors

From October 25 to 27, IDC held its annual conference in Chicago for fund directors, offering a prime opportunity to gain insights into the rapidly changing environment for funds—from new regulatory requirements to an ever-changing marketplace. The conference discussed the implications of these changes for funds and their boards and also offered opportunities for attendees to meet other directors to discuss a variety of topics, including governance practices and the 15(c) process following Jones v. Harris.



Speakers included:

Michael Mauboussin Michael J. Mauboussin
Chief Investment Strategist
Legg Mason Capital Management
Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition
Jennifer Johnson Bolt Jennifer Johnson Bolt
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Franklin Resources, Inc.
Andrew J. Donohue Andrew J. Donohue
Director, Division of Investment Management
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Topics included:

  • Risk oversight by fund boards and risk management practices of advisers
  • Legislative and regulatory developments, including proposed Rule 12b-1 reform
  • Management’s perspective on running an investment organization in today’s environment
  • Changing landscape of market structure and securities trading