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2017 Cybersecurity Forum
December 6, 2017 
Washington, DC

With industries relying more than ever on information technology, cybercrime is more of a threat—and the investment fund industry is not immune. To better understand the evolving nature of cyberthreats, join us at our 2017 Cybersecurity Forum. This event, which took place on December 6 in Washington, DC, is one of ICI’s most popular conferences.

The forum featured keynote speeches by range of cyber experts—including Bob Kalka, vice president of IBM’s Security Business Unit, who discussed IBM’s efforts to enhance cybersecurity through the Watson platform. Kalka, an expert in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and security, provided adept insights.


Bob Kalka Bob Kalka
Vice President
IBM Security Business Unit


  • The pros and cons of migrating to the cloud
  • Strategies to keep your data from being exfiltrated
  • How to build employee and stakeholder trust through security implementations
  • And more

ICI hosted both the Securities Law Developments Conference and Cybersecurity Forum back-to-back this year in Washington, DC. The Cybersecurity Forum was on December 6, followed by the Securities Law Developments Conference on December 7.

Individuals and firms participating in both the Securities Law Developments Conference and the Cybersecurity Forum were eligible for a $250 discount per registration/per conference, for a minimum total discount of $500.

There were two ways to qualify: either one individual attended both conferences, or a firm was able to send a different participant to each conference. In either case, individuals or firms used the code CYBERSECLAW during each registration. The ICI Conferences team verified that each registration using the code qualified for the discount.

This discount was not available to multiple individuals from the same firm attending the same conference. Contact conferences@ici.org for additional information.

Please contact the ICI Conference Division at 202-326-5968 or conferences@ici.org with any questions.