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Conference Schedules and Programs 

Why are complete programs and registration forms not available on the events web page for all of the listed conferences?

The name, date, and location of each ICI conference are placed on the events schedule as far in advance as possible (generally, six to 12 months prior to the conference start date). The actual content for each conference—programs, registration forms, and hotel information—is not finalized until approximately two to three months prior to the conference start date, at which point they are made available on the conferences website.

Can I obtain information about an upcoming conference that is not on the schedule?

No. Conference dates and programs are posted to this website as soon as the information is available.

How can I suggest a speaker for an upcoming conference?

Suggestions for conference speakers (and speaker biographies) can be mailed to the Investment Company Institute or emailed to conferences@ici.org.

Conference Division
Investment Company Institute
1401 H Street, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20005

Can I be placed on a mailing list to receive conference information?

If you would like to receive regular email updates of conference promotional materials, please request to be added to the ICI conference promotions mailing list. Include your name, company name, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, and email address. The request should be emailed to conferences@ici.org.


How do I register for an ICI conference?

Once the conference program is available (approximately two to three months prior to the start date), you may register by registering for the conference online. The registration link will be available on the conferences website. Payments may be made by check or credit card.

Can I register over the phone?

No; conference registration is only available online.

Can I register online for every conference?

Yes. Every conference is available for online registration.

What is the best way to register for an ICI conference?

It depends on how you plan to pay for the conference. If you are paying by credit card, it is necessary for you to register online. This is the most efficient and accurate method. If you are paying by check, you must mail the registration form with the payment.

What credit cards can I use to pay for registration fees?

American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Can I send you my registration form now and pay later?

No. The registration form and payment must be sent to ICI together.

How do I determine if I am eligible for the ICI member registration rate?

ICI member firms consist of mutual fund companies, their investment advisers, and principal underwriters, who purchase and distribute directly or through stockbrokers and security dealers. Unit investment trust sponsors and closed-end funds registered with the SEC may also be members. Employees of ICI member firms should always choose the member rate.

ICI associate member firms consist of broker-dealers registered with FINRA, and SEC-registered investment advisers who do not manage mutual funds (or subadvisers of mutual funds). Employees of ICI associate member firms may submit up to two registrations at the member rate; additional registrations should be submitted at nonmember rate.

Law firms and accounting firms are not eligible for ICI membership.

If you are uncertain of your firm’s membership status, please check the membership listing to avoid any possible invoices and registration cancellations.

For any other membership-related questions, please call the ICI Membership Division at 202-326-5972.

What happens if I choose the wrong registration fee?

f the registration fee selected is incorrect, a payment adjustment may be necessary. ICI will contact you within 30 days after the event to make the adjustment.

If you paid with a credit card, we will charge and/or refund the remaining balance to the card on file. If you paid by check, we will hold the current registration and check until the correct fee has arrived.

How late can I register for a conference?

There is generally no deadline for registering for a conference. Occasionally online registration will be closed a few days before the conference; however, there is the possibility of registering on-site once the conference starts. Generally, if you register at least one to two weeks prior to the conference start date, you will be officially pre-registered and your name will be listed on the attendee list available at the conference.

What does badge name on the registration form mean?

Badge name is the version of your first and last name that will be printed on your conference name badge. You may prefer a less-formal version of your name to be displayed when meeting other conference attendees. (Example: “Joe Smith” instead of “Joseph Smith.”)

How will you confirm my registration? And how soon?

Upon completing your registration form online, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of completing your registration.

Can I get a receipt for my registration payment?

Yes. Your confirmation letter (please refer to the information above) contains the financial record of your conference registration payment. Each conference FAQ page has more detailed information on how to get the receipt.

Once I submit my online registration, am I immediately registered?

Yes. After you have completed and electronically submitted the online registration form, note that your credit card will be charged immediately. ICI reserves the right to cancel registrations of those who have registered incorrectly, but the attendees will be notified of this before the cancellation occurs.

Why does my credit card number not show up on my confirmation letter for my online registration?

As a security measure, your credit card number and expiration date are not transmitted to ICI with your online registration form. In the place of this information, it will say “online order.”

What are the general sessions and concurrent sessions listed in some conference programs?

Some (but not all) ICI conferences have concurrent sessions or panels in addition to general sessions.

General sessions are conference sessions where all of the attendees gather as a single audience in the main ballroom. Concurrent sessions are composed of two or more smaller sessions that take place at the same time in separate ballrooms or meeting rooms. Therefore, you can only attend one session per concurrent group. You will be asked to choose a concurrent session on your registration form.

Cancellations and Substitutions 

How do I cancel my registration to an ICI conference?

Cancellation information can be found on your receipt and in the FAQ page of each conference.

If I cancel my registration, will I receive a refund?

The registration cancellation policy and deadline for each ICI conference can be found on both its registration form and the general information section of its program. In general, an early registration cancellation is refunded the registration fee minus an administrative fee; a late cancellation does not receive a refund. Please refer to each conference’s cancellation policy for specific information and deadlines.

If I have registered for a conference but cannot go, can I send another person in my place?

Yes, instructions can be found on your receipt and the FAQ page for the conference you registered for.

If I can attend only a portion of a conference, can a colleague attend the remaining sessions in my place?

No. An ICI conference registration cannot be divided or shared.


Are the conferences themselves held at the hotel listed in the program and general information?

Yes. Our conferences and workshops are usuallylocated in the same hotel as the block of sleeping rooms.

Is a hotel room included in the registration fee?

No. Hotel information can be found on the hotel information page of your conference.

How do I get a hotel room for an ICI Conference?

For many conferences, once you have registered you will be prompted to make a hotel reservation. Then you can go into the hotel website and make a registration at the conference rate. Some conferences may have the hotel link directly on the registration website.

What is the dress code for ICI conferences?

The dress code for ICI conferences varies. You will find the suggested dress code in the general information section of each conference program.

How can I get information (for example, directions or facilities) about a conference hotel?

Please contact the hotel directly using the phone number provided in the general information section of the conference program.

How can I contact a colleague attending an ICI conference?

Please phone the hotel and ask to be connected to the registration desk of the Investment Company Institute conference. (You also may need to reference ICI or the name of the conference.) An ICI staffer will take your message and post the message notification prominently on the conference message board. Please consult the conference program for the registration desk hours.

Conference Materials 

Is a list of attendees available prior to a conference?

The attendee list is included in the welcome letter that is emailed prior to the start of the conference. We do not provide printed attendee lists on-site.

Can I buy printed materials or audiotapes from past ICI conferences?

Yes. Printed materials and audiotapes are available from many past ICI conferences. Please contact the ICI Training Department at 202-326-5868 for pricing and availability.

Can I get CPE or CLE credit for attending an ICI conference?

Please refer to the general information section of each conference program for any CPE or CLE accreditation information.

Exhibiting at ICI Conferences 

Do ICI conferences have advertising and sponsorship opportunities?

Yes. Many of our conferences now offer sponsorships. Please reference the sponsorship page on our website to see which conferences are most appropriate for you.

Do ICI conferences have exhibiting opportunities?

Yes. The ICI General Membership Meeting (GMM), held each spring, features a large exhibit hall. A few of the smaller conferences offer tabletop exhibits and/or tote bag inserts.

If you would like to receive information about exhibiting at future ICI conferences, please contact Pete Bockelman at pete.bockelman@ici.org and request to be on the exhibitor promotions mailing list. Please include your name, company name, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, and email address. Exhibitor information for ICI conferences is available approximately three to four months prior to the conference start date.

What if my question is not answered on this list?

You can learn more about the Investment Company Institute by visiting our website, www.ici.org.

If you have questions about specific conferences, please visit the conferences website, www.ici.org/events

Contact ICI's Conference Division 

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